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Artwave is a key cultural event that acts as a gateway for visitors to enjoy the area, to spend and stay. 

2018 evaluation showed that Artwave visitors spent on average £51.70 per person during their visit with a total estimated economic benefit being £2.6 million . 60% of surveyed visitors to Artwave visited a restaurant, cafe, pub or bar.

The bar chart to the right shows the feedback from our 2018 evaluation both what else people did or intended to do during their visit to Artwave.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 13.21.35.png

We want to showcase the best places to eat and drink

Support your community and aligning your business with our popular visual arts festival and expose your business to an audience who are interested in arts, culture, education and events.  

We are selling advertising space in the 2019 Artwave guide so we can offer our visitors a curated food and drink offer .

A listing costs £100 + VAT and includes:




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Opening hours 

Include on map

10 food and drink supplier only 

60%  send money on food and drink