Artwave helps to promote the Lewes district as a cultural destination full of artists and makers. The festival is funded by the registration fees from participants, sponsorship (both in kind and in cash), advertising and is part subsidised by Lewes District Council



Artwave is open to all and not curated, which makes it an inclusive, accessible and diverse experience for those taking part and visiting.

In 2016, Artwave festival attracted an estimated 49,160 visitors across the 123 venues, with 84% of these visiting from outside of the district.

The income generated by visitors to the festival (both directly and indirectly) made a significant contribution to the economy of the district. Artwave 2017 will continue to attract cultural tourists to the area - people motivated to visit a destination because of the cultural offer and combine this with food and drink, hotels, shops etc.

There are a two sponsorship packages: